Family Bird of Prey Experience Day
for all nature lovers and bird mad families!
10.00am - 4.00pm

We welcome you and your family to a very special day playing with owls and hawks - for a day out in the countryside, flying and discovering all about some of our owls and a gentle Harris Hawk and learning about their features of adaptation, ecology and inter- and intra-dependence on each other, other species and the natural habitat.

During the morning you will be flying some of our small birds which will include two British Owls - the Barn Owl and the Tawny Owl, as well as others as time allows.  All our small birds will be flown in the security and tranquility of our Owl Barn.  You will also be given a larger owl to sit on your gloved hand if we consider this suitable on the day.

The older kids will love this one - your bonus bird will be a Harris Hawk flying to you either in the Owl Barn or out in the wide open spaces of the Flying Field.

During the morning you will also be introduced to weighing the birds, and to 'manning' them, (sitting quietly to keep them calm and gentle) - both important practices in the keeping and training of all birds of prey.

During the afternoon you can enjoy the afternoon flying display, during which Rod will be flying several larger birds which demonstrate some amazing acrobatics, and aerodynamic displays!  During this display there will be plenty of opportunity for photography as the birds come close to you and pose for the camera!

This really special and unique day is for all families of

three, four or five people (two adults and 1, 2 or 3 children aged 8-15yrs)

for a one-off price of

£150 for the whole family for the whole day

CALL US NOW TO BOOK ON 01643 862816

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